Briefly about the team

We are headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine. We also have remote employees from Russia, Armenia, and USA. In total, project is run by 7 individuals and everyone is really inspired by the project. We are happy to bring something new into the cryptocurrencies’ ecosystem. Presently our exchange is not ‘white label’ but soon after the launch we are going to tackle this issue and add fiat currencies too.

Moreover, we are perfectly aware of the fact that it is not possible to gain trust and build the reputation quickly and we will have to work hard in that direction. In that respect we are marathon runners, not sprinters) In words of the CEO of Poloniex – ‘Trust has to be built’.

some of our team members from Kiev office.

It is crucial that we are very excited about this project. With your permission we would like to declare our goal for the coming year right here and right now: 200 BTC average daily trading volume and 1000 BTC limit on savings accounts.