Dear User,

  1. Click "I want deactivate my account" in pop up that appears after first login to website after 28 December 2018 or you can click "Deactivate my account" in your profile anytime. This action is irreversible and you should think prior to doing so!
  2. After you clicked "I want to deactivate my account..." you have to initiate withdrawal of all your Digital Assets/cryptocurrencies within the 30 days, otherwise we may charge a fee in the amount of 0,27% a day (3,33% for Delisted Digital Assets) from the total amount of Digital Assets/Delisted Digital Assets you failed to withdraw
  3. You write to our support at that you have withdrawn all Digital Assets and we permanently deactivate your account or your account will be automatically deactivated after 30 days since your balance is 0.

Note: Until you withdraw all the Digital Assets, you still use our service of storing your Digital Assets and your account is not considered as deactivated. Moreover, if our relationships are still governed by the Terms of Use of July 6, 2016, we may be prohibited to allow you withdrawing of your funds if we suspect you in illegal activity (Article 12 Terms of Use). Hence we may ask for verification and proof of source of funds. The same applies to those users with whom our relationships are governed in accordance with the updated Terms of Use of 28 December 2018.

We will be missing you, but we respect your decision.